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Bikini Set are two-piece swimwear worn by our beautiful lassies to heat up the atmosphere a little more with their presence at the seashore or poolside. 

There are scores of bikini types designed and we make sure that you get them right here, of your desired size and motif. But, aren’t you curious to know?


1. Multi-String Bikini or Stringkini

2. String Bikini

3. Bandeau Bikini or Bandeaukini/ Strapless Bikini

4. Micro Bikini or Microkini

5. Scalloped Bikinis

6. Skirt Bikini or Skirtinis

7. Tankini

8. Trikinis

9. Sling Bikinis

10. High Neck Bikini

11. Tasselled Bikinis

12. Ruffled Bikini

13. High-Waisted Bikinis

14. Ruched Bikinis

15. Sport Bikinis

16. Cropped T-shirt Bikinis

17. Smocked Bikinis

18. Brazilian Bikinis

19. Wild Bikinis

20. Flounce Bikini

21. Knotted Bikinis

22. Racerback Bikinis

23. Underwire Busted Bikinis

24. Push Up Bikinis 

25. Fringe Bikini 

1. Multi-String Bikini or Stringkini

Multi-String bikini or stringkini are the most erotic bikinis with minimal coverage and flatter every body type. It goes as its name depicts lots of strings and small triangles over the jubblies and the crotch. 

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2. String Bikini

String Bikini is all about the delicate slings which make the wearer look even more sizzling and hot. Their top has two pieces of fabric over the melons connected at the cleavage by a thin string, followed by strings on either side extending till the back forming the closure of the garment. These have usually halter neck patterns. 

Similarly, the bottom has cover-ups over the genitals held by strings tied at the femur. 

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3. Bandeau Bikini or Bandeaukini/ Strapless Bikini

Bandeau bikini or bandeaukini are starkly bikinis where the top is simply a strap of cloth covering the bosom of the wearer, also termed as a bandeau bra paired and is paired with thongs, G-strings, T-strings, and various other types of knickers.


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4. Micro Bikini or Microkini 

Micro bikini or microkini is the most audacious amidst all of its types. The bikini provides barely some or none coverage to the wearer’s body and makes them look exceedingly appealing and sensuous. If you are bold enough and want to grab the attention of the crowd and feel extra special, then this is your pick.

The top is held by pencil-thin strings, has halter necks and attenuated fabric covering the nipples. 

The bottom has a small piece of cloth over the groin followed by a string passing across the buttcrack. It is held by extremely fine strings on either side of the legs.

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5. Scalloped Bikinis

    Scalloped bikinis have the tops with designer edges taking the mien of a scalloped crop top or scalloped bra to make you appear chic and hotter.


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    6. Skirt Bikini or Skirtinis

    Skirt bikini or skirtinis are bikinis with the variably designed bikini tops twinned with flared bottoms or skirts embellished with frilly pleats.

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    7. Tankini

    Tankinis are bikinis in combination with tops. These are sleeveless with deep necks and distanced shoulder straps.

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    8. Trikini

    Trikinis are bikinis constructed with three pieces of fabric, two covering the melons and one for the genitalia. Extremely thin strings hold these pieces along the wearer’s body.

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    9. Sling Bikini

    Sling bikinis are bikinis held by a single string at the neck with fabric over the buxom extending their coverage over the private parts.

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    10. High Neck Bikini

    High neck bikinis are chic forms of bikinis. The tops of these bikinis extend till the manubrium or the collar bones. It is an ideal choice for you if you don't want to flaunt your cleavage. 

    The bottom varies from cheeky panties to thongs to various types of G-strings.


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    11. Tasselled Bikini

    Tasselled bikinis being those bikinis which are embellished with tassels attached to the underbust area, and may or may not be around the waistline, these can be your pick if you are fond of tassels or want to get an Indo western look.

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    12. Ruffled Bikini 

    The tops of these bikinis have frilly designs similar to ruffle tops and get their names from them. These are paired with panties of multiple designs and thongs or different types of G-strings.

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    13. High-waisted Bikinis

    High-waisted bikinis have tops with contrasting motifs and are coupled with bottoms whose waistline are at the upper waistline and extend covering the genitalia with cuts at the loins of the body of the wearer.

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    14. Ruched Bikinis 

    Ruched bikinis are typically designed with a ruched pattern on the top as well as the bottom, which gives it a pleated mane. The bottoms are usually of the matching design of the top.

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    15. Sports Bikinis 

    Sports bikinis have mock necks or other neck patterns, but the top resembles the basic sports bra mane and the bottom coupled with them can vary from high waisted panties to thongs and other briefs.


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    16. Cropped T-shirt Bikinis 

    As the name suggests, these bikinis have tops which are in the form of cropped t-shirts and the bottom is usually high waisted or any type of thong.

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    17. Smocked Bikinis 

    Smocked bikinis are even more fun to wear as these are quite fashionably designed with the fabric being tightly pleated in collateral bastes in an ornate manner influenced from the smock style. The brief pair is also smocked.


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    18.  Brazilian Bikinis

    Brazilian bikinis as the name depicts are the type of bikinis conventionally worn by Brazilian women. The feature that gives them a special place in the list is the narrow cut bottom of the former which also resembles a cheeky thong. These perfect leash yet flaunt your booty to make you look even more piquant.   


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    19. Wild Bikinis 

    Wild bikinis are bikinis with animal prints throughout the sultry beach wear and make you look audacious and cool.

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    20. Flounce Bikinis 

    Flounce bikinis are really gorgeous bikinis efficient enough to make you look voguish like one of the cover page models. Flounce or frills are simply broader cloth pieces hemmed in a manner to give the silhouette of a skirt into a top. These perfectly enhance your shape and outshine the bust line.

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    21. Knotted Bikinis

    Knotted bikinis are the bikinis with astounding knotted designs formed by knots at the peak points of the body. These are efficient to make you look attractive and appealing every time you wear it.

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    22. Racerback Bikinis

    Racerback bikinis are bikinis with tops having a T- shaped back to allow you to move your hands-free while having fun in the water. These perfectly flaunt your shoulders and shoulder blades giving you a sexy mien.



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    23. Underwire Busted Bikinis

    Underwire busted bikinis are bikinis with the tops in the form of underwired bras. These enhance your bust appearance and uplift them providing them support and giving them the perfect shape.

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    24. Push Up Bikinis

    Push up bikinis are the bikinis with tops constructed in the form of push up bras for uplifting your melons and making you appear titillating on the beach.


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    25. Fringe Bikinis

    Fringe bikinis are really fun to wear. The fringes are thread cut-outs left free to move. Infringe bikinis, it is usually the tops which makes them different. The fringes are attached to the neckline of the top which moves every time you make a movement bringing all attention to your sexy bosoms.  

    The tops shape can be a bandeaukini or halter neck or high neck. 

    The bottoms can be designed as per the wearer’s convenience from being fringed similar to the top or being the antiquated panty to a designer thong or G-string.  


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    These are the trendiest bikinis but definitely not all as the list is ever ending and fashion is getting updated every next day. 

    Get yourself the finest bikinis of any size that fits you and stay updated with the latest versions of bikinis to stay decked up with the current trends from THE CURVVES brand. 

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