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Does Bodystocking only refer to stockings for your body?

Well, not really. There’s a lot more behind it. You will surely get to comprehend about them here. 

I’m sure that you’ve got scads of questions in your mind right now. From what is a bodystocking to how to wear it, what are its varieties and many more bemusing questions are responded here.

1. What is Bodystocking?
2. How to wear a Bodystocking?
3. What is fishnet Bodystocking?

  • Lace Diamond Net Bodystocking

  • Seamless Keyhole Bodystocking

  • Stretch Fishnet Halter Bodystocking

  • Off The Shoulder Bodystocking

  • Off-the-shoulder Open Cup Netted Suspender Cut Bodystocking 

4. What is crotchless Bodystocking?

  • Lace Trimmed Floral Pattern Criss Cross Back Bodystocking

  • Sexy Lover Fishnet Patterned Garter Bodystocking

  • Seamless Halter Suspender Bodystocking

  • Off-the-shoulder Fence Net Bodystocking

  • Indiscreet Crochet Spider net Bodystocking

  • Black Daring See Through Cobweb Bodystocking

5. Are Bodystocking comfortable?

1. What is Bodystocking?

A bodystocking is a single piece garment elongated from the nape to the torso, enveloping or revealing the crutch, lengthening till the toes and sometimes enfolding the arms as per your preference.

These are worn since the early centuries by the exotic dancers or belly dancers as undergarments. Nowadays, these are amidst the most popular lingerie chosen by lassies. Often, these slinky costumes are fabricated out of diaphanous materials like nylon, laces, nets, chiffon and a few more.

These ultra sexy lingerie can be found to be full sleeved to sleeveless or off-shouldered, halter neck, mock neck, gartered, fish netted or crotch less, fence netted or spider webbed, lacy and in many more variants.

2. How to wear a Bodystocking?

Once you are convinced and gratified at the thought of getting a piece of this sultry garment over your beautiful body, the thought that can bewilder you is how to put on this piquant outfit. It’s not something to agonize about. All you need to do is follow these easy-peasy moves:

  • Uncoil the bodystocking gently
  • Find the toes and neck of the garment
  • Slide one of your leg into it through the neck and reach the tip of the toes and pull it up to your knees, then repeat for the next leg
  •  Once your legs are into it, pull it to your waist and adjust it over your genitals and keister
  • Then pull it over your bosom and just like your casual dresses put into your arms. 
  • Tune the outfit along the neck

3. What is Fishnet Bodystocking?

As I have previously mentioned about the innumerable motifs of bodystockings, here is one of its appealing and sensuous variety.

Fishnet bodystockings as the name suggests are bodystockings made from fabrics which have holes in the form of diamonds or hexagons in between the threads. These perfectly confining yet divulging lingerie are exotically tantalizing.

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This sleeveless fish netted bodystocking with diamond holes is beautiful. The lacy patterns and deep back neck with larger holes amidst the torso and the back gives it an alluring look.


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Here is a seamless keyhole fishnet bodystocking with hollow out design and crisscross over the waist is seductive. The torso is designed similar to backless bodysuit lingerie with designs influenced from the keyhole motifs.


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This hollow lacy V neck halter bodystocking with fishnet stretchy fabric paired with thongs is quite stimulating. The single crisscross over the cleavage and backless design complements it.

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This off the shoulder black fish netted bodystocking with the upper half similar to teddy lingerie is extraordinarily glamorous.  The peek-a-boo floral lacy cover over the jubblies and crisscross pattern over the cleavage is intriguing. 


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One sexier example of an off the shoulder fish netted bodystocking with asymmetric pattern over the body. This open cup garment with bare booty design and bars of thread over the belly is juicy and inviting.


4. What is Crotchless Bodystocking?

Crotchless body stockings are those closefitting garments or bodystockings whose genitalia or crotch is bare. These are especially designed for those beauties who do not want to disrobe their erotic lingerie yet delight their spouse and have fun. These allow ease in expulsion.

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 A beautifully lace trimmed and embroidered crotchless bodystocking. The body is in the form of a bustier and is connected with the hosiery with a garter. The lacy designed necklace halter and deep back with crisscross pattern is capable of embellishing your curves and giving you a provocative glance and making you irresistible. 

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This hot and sexy lover gartered and sleeveless red bodystocking with mock neck design and fabricated out of fish netted fabric and lacy designs over the buxom enhances your curvaceousness.

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Star and floral design over the gauzy crotchless bodystocking with diamond shaped holes all over and larger peeks amidst the bust are no less coquettish.

Besides these, there are other variations found in our collection of bodystockings.

Fence netted bodystocking are even raunchier. These are named so as the fabric design resembles the fence nets. They have larger diamond holes all over the body. No doubt, the fabric is comfortable and stretchable; the best part lies in its versatility of befitting every size. It makes the voluptuous babes look leaner and divulge their natural beauty.  

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This is a titillating off the shoulder fence netted bodystocking extending till the wrist. Exceedingly manifesting your beautiful curves, these give you provocative appearance.

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Here is uniquely designed crochet bodystocking lingerie.

The spider net designs all over the body are what withstand it among the rest. This indiscreet bodystocking with a single string which holds it along the body is extremely enticing and bewitching.

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This lingerie presented here is a black daring see through bodystocking with cobweb design throughout the body. The torso is designed with bolder vertical strings showing off your captivating teats. This hot and bewitching piece will be enough to turn your mate horny and give you a foxy appearance. 

5. Are Bodystocking comfortable?

As we aim to fabricate our products out of the best quality fabrics, bodystockings available here are extremely cozy and enjoyable. Besides, these are sleep wears and undergarments too hence captivate more importance towards its comfort. These skin fitting garments are usually made out of stretchable materials which makes it rid of caging or making the wearer feel oppressed. Not only this, but what makes them better than slouchy nightwears is the fact that you do not need to take them off while intimacy. These are flexible for all occasions. 

By now, you know everything about bodystockings. Gear up ladies to ignite in these sensuous and sultry outfits.

Keep following and update yourself with our erotic collection. 

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