G Strings v/s Thongs! Know the Difference


Imagine here you are in the middle of your candlelight dinner, your man asks you to dance. You get up to shake a leg, but hold on! You are continuously pulling your panty and the skirt to come to one level. You are obviously trying to hide the panty-line. But it was surely an unsuccessful attempt.

So here is your boyfriend wanting to ask you to wear a thong for a quixotic night and you are wondering “If I only knew the difference between panty and thong!”

Here you are with the all that you wanted to know about thongs and get the inhibitions all set.

Difference between Panty and Thong

To begin with, a thong is a panty but a panty isn’t a thong.

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A thong is a narrow version of a panty. The main idea of this lingerie product is to avoid the panty-line that may be otherwise seen when you wear a panty. Whether you wish to wear a pair of trousers, skimpy skirts or shorts, a thong can never go wrong.

To be honest, a thong is a sexier version of the panty. It is revealing, amorous and slutty for sure. You will often find thongs worn by women on the beachwear. It is the most fashionable bikini wear known in the world of swimsuit.

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Now that you have got to know the difference and ready to get yourself groove on that. But hold on. As you go shopping, you find a bunch of G-strings shown. What are these G-strings? Can we have a battle for G String V/S Thongs!

Difference between Thong and G String

The thong does its duty of revealing and hiding and plays its bit. Although thong is essentially known to be a woman’s pride, G-string, on the other hand, offers splendid designs, fabrics, and colors for men and women too.

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G-string barely covers the assets and is revealing while thong can be understood as underwear that has more cloth as compared to G-string. It can be worn as underwear or bikini wear too.


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Although G-string comes under the category of a thong, a thong can be classified under panties. Let’s see it this way, G-string is the subset of Thongs!

 If you are looking to flaunt your butts, G-string it is!

Now that the juggle was G String V/S Thong Comfort, it is clear that depending upon the mood and the need of the hour, you must choose for the best.

In a nutshell,

It is the comfort level that one talks about at the end. To make your night sexier, G-string offers the best fabric and more the area is shown, greater the pleasure.

Do share and like this page. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and styles. Till then let the thongs and G-string jiggle about!

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