Women's Thong Guide! All you need to know!


Who else could be your best friend for making your nights naughtier than Thongs?

A thong is regarded as slutty and vivaciously hot. It is no more only a honeymoon lingerie item. Beyond that, it is much! Women often have doubts about what a thong is, how to wear a thong and so on, and so forth.

This article is an attempt to break all the inhibitions about thongs and the essence of why women wear thongs to what is a G string thong

Read ahead as we unveil the much talked about seductress piece of underwear. You will get to know about the following Questions. 

  1. What is a Thong?

  2. How to Ideally Wear a Thong?

  3. Are Thongs Comfortable?

  4. Types of Thongs -

    • G-string thongs

    • V-string thongs

    • Cheeky thongs

    • Rio thongs

    • T-front thongs

    • T-back thongs

    • C-thongs

    Let us start to explore the world of Women's Thongs. 

    What is a Thong?


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    Thong is but underwear whose main spirit is to uplift the sexiness in you and make the panty-line of your innerwear go invisible. When you wear the most comfortable pair of underwear your self-confidence is automatically boosted. Make the sizzling nights slaying as guys love thongs. They are visually attractive. Besides, as it goes, more it is seen, merrier is the sex life. Thongs basically replicate a bikini bottom with a twist of revealing the tushie to the maximum. To put in a nutshell, thongs are great if you want to shun the panty-lines.

    How to Wear a Thong?

    Well, if you aren’t aware of the affair of how to put it on, there’s nothing to feel demeaned or weary about it. We are here, not only to help you turn piquant but also how to put these on. Here you go with some five-finger exercise: 

    1. Examine the thong first and look for leg holes, the back (it will usually have a tag), it will help to know which are the front side and the backside. If you are not a pro, you might land up wearing another way round! But, it isn’t something to feel melancholy.  
    2. Pull the thong first to get the front area in place and for this, you keep the thong’s front area against your stomach.
    3. It’s time to heft your slender legs gradually through the leg hollows. 
    4. Now, hold it by the waistband and haul it up. Yes, you wear it exactly like a panty. 
    5. Then try the back strap to make sure it fits the hindquarters perfectly well. Once you are through, tug on the front size to make sure it makes you feel cozy.

    That’s it!! Here you are looking sexiest in one of the most alluring garments.

    Are Thongs Comfortable?

    One of the greatest concerns of a newbie is how comfortable are the thongs. It is natural to feel uncomfortable in the first attempt as the styling differs from that of normal panties, but ensuing attempts it will be bliss. The little fabric on the thong has much to say about your styling and uplifts your personality altogether.

    Choose the Right Fabric - 

    The best way to start with thongs is to choose the right type of fabric for you. There are vivid colors and patterns that are readily available in the market. It is easily available online too. To begin with the ones, lace, satin, silks, chiffon, and cotton are best recommended.

    As stated earlier, a thong discretely avoids the panty-line whether you wear trousers, dresses, one-pieces or even skirts. Now when you have chosen the right thing, after wearing, see all the positions to see whether the thongs become visible on squatting or bending, sitting or any other movement. It is advised to buy a thong one size larger than regular panty-wear for more comfort. 

    Moreover, if you pick cotton thongs, they are a savior for you from the bacterial spread.

    But for the special nights, one must choose a gauzy fabricated thong or an ornamental one which will give him a slight peak but still leash your inner beauty and make him feel more stimulated.

    Types of Thongs:

    Now that you are familiar with thongs, it’s time to know about its varieties.

    We provide diversity in these tantalizing products.

    1. G-string thongs can be a two-in-one for you as you can share it with your man too. These provide lesser coverage than the original thongs, are more beautified with lacy patterns, diaphanous fabrics, and sometimes ornamented with pearls too. These can make you feel and appear more sensational so better opt for them on a special night. 

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    2. V-string thongs give equal coverage to the genitalia like the G-strings but the coverage over the pudendum forms a V-shape. These are no less appealing and are also made up of glossy or translucent materials with beautiful decors.


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    Here is a V-string thong in red with floral patterned lacy waistband and bewitching pearl strand amidst the genitals. 

    3. Cheeky thongs maintaining the absence of panty line covers the maximum back area among all the thongs. These are also alluring with different designs along the butt cheeks. 

    4. Rio thongs, considering their identity are also thongs originated from Rio De Janeiro offer maximum coverage along the front of the genitals. 

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    Here is a racy exemplar of cheek thong with the web over the butt cheeks and making you appear bootylicious.

    And this is the front in the form of Rio thongs with elegant mesh fabric. This mixture of cheek thong and Rio thong is extraordinarily luscious.

    5. T-front thongs are thongs that are most revealing and form an eye treat for your partner. The front of these thongs has a T-shaped strand along with the genitals.

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     A T-front thong with lustrous silver pearl strand forming a T over the front with black waistband is exceedingly erotic and inviting.

    6. T-back thongs are even racier with a T-shape over the tushie where the strand is lest to be seen coinciding with the butt crack. 

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    A titillating T-back thong in black with lacy design.

    7. C-thong also eliminates the panty-line. It keeps the colitis in its flexible internal frame and can be paired with any outfit.

    Now that’s a wrap up from here. Stay tuned and share your thoughts and comments here.

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